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3 x 50ml Maple Leaf glass of Amber, Dark, and Very Dark Organic Maple Syrup.

  • THE BETTER CHOICE – From Forest to Table – We tap our own trees as well as produce & bottle our own organic maple syrup. Our signature Grade A Organic Maple Syrup comes from trees growing in the pristine forests of eastern Canada producing an unrivaled smooth maple syrup. Certified organic by ECOCERT.
  • GIFT / SAMPLER PACK – Taste the difference between these three premium grade Maple Syrups or give as the perfect gift for the Holidays, Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings etc.
  • TASTE & USES - AMBER – A classic and rich flavor, perfect for pancakes, cocktails and drizzled on homemade granola / DARK – Heartier and stronger flavor that performs best when used for sauces and glazes, candied nuts and over ice cream / VERY DARK – Intense maple flavor, perfect for baking, maple caramel corn and custards.
  • PURE & SIMPLE - We do not add anything to our maple syrup that was not in the sap dripping from our trees – NO sweeteners, NO colors, NO flavors. 100% ALL NATURAL.
  • KING OF SWEETNERS – With a lower glycemic index than other sugar syrups and a rich sweetness derived from naturally occurring fructose Maple Syrup is the King of all sweeteners.
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